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GGA Software Services LLC provides superior performance in meeting the complete range of software engineering, algorithm development, and knowledge management needs of the world's leading companies. We combine world-class informatics and support services with deep domain expertise in science and mathematics to create solutions that meet our clients' business, technical, and scientific challenges. GGA's collaborative approach consistently delivers world-class results, enhanced capabilities, and increased productivity to our clients.


  • 03/14/2014

    Moderna and GGA are using integrated informatics to drive revolutionary disease treatment

  • 02/20/2014

    GGA Introduces First Open-Source Solution to Process Entire SAS7BDAT Dataset

  • 12/10/2013

    GGA Delivers Investment Transaction Management System to Major Pharmaceutical Company

Open Source Initiative 

GGA has developed numerous open source applications, including cheminformatics toolkits, data cartridges, search engines, and molecule sketchers.

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